Saturday, February 3, 2018

5 for Friday (Super Bowl edition)

Why Tom Brady is not my favorite QB: he's spiritually goofy.

Whereas Nick Foles isn't trying to be a self-made superman.

I grew up in Pennsylvania, but have lived all my adult life in New England. I enjoy watching Pats games but do not love them. In the meantime, the Eagles are usually somewhere on the periphery of my football awareness. When they have a good season, I pay attention. Yeah, yeah, I guess I'm a fair-weather fan. Anyway, I've gotten myself pretty excited about these boys this year. They're a likable team and I'm rooting for the city as much as I am the team. Plus, they've got a lot of players with admirable faith:

The last time I watched an Eagles-Pats Super Bowl was with my church family at the time, a couple of hundred of them and all Pats fans. I can tell you this, some of them Christian brothers lost some significant ground in their sanctification that night! 

Eagles 37, Pats 34.

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