Monday, October 24, 2016

3 things

  • George Will on football: “It combines two of the worst features of American life: violence and committee meetings.” [source
  • I've begun reading N. T. Wright's The Day the Revolution Began. I'm hoping to share quotations from this book in the coming days, but here's a good place to start:
Like most Christians today, I started my thinking about Jesus's death with the assumption, from what I had been taught, that the eath of Jesus was all about God saving me from my "sin," so that I could "go to heaven." That, of course, could be quite a revolutionary idea for someone who never thought of it before. But it's not quite the revolution the early Christians were talking about. In fact, that way of putting it, taken on its own, significantly distorts what Jesus's first followers were saying. They were talking about something bigger, something more dangerous, something altogether more explosive. The personal meaning is not left behind. I want to make that clear from the start. But it is contained within the larger story. And it means more, not less, as a result.

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