Monday, October 3, 2016

3 thoughts

  1. I have only one vote. Out of, what, 130,000,000? It counts, but it doesn't count for much. Nothing hangs in the balance. It's not real important to the outcome of any national election, so no one need get bent out of shape if, well, I simply "throw it away." It's not my civic obligation to choose between two scoundrels. Not voting seems a perfectly legitimate option to me in any election year, but maybe especially in this one. See, no matter who I vote for, one of these two, Donald or Hillary, is going to win. I can't stop either outcome from happening.  One of them, Hillary, represents a political setback for the country in my opinion. The other, Donald, is a nightmare. So I'm skipping this one. It's just a bad, bad choice.
  2. Autumn is here. Leaves all over the yard. Drove to Boston over the weekend and in some spots along the highway the color was breathtaking. Other stretches, they hadn't yet begun to change.
  3. As I mentioned, I spent my birthday in Boston, having a fine time with the fam. Being there on the last weekend of the David Ortiz era was something. That town really loves Big Papi. As a card carrying member of Red Sox Nation since 1977, so do I. He made our baseball dreams come true. 

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