Monday, October 10, 2016

Debate Reaction, part 2

So I've become a little bit obsessed with the political scene lately. I've never intended to turn this little-read corner of the blogosphere into yet another political junkie's rant-page, and Ill try not to let it get that far, but there's still a thing or two I want to say before I drop it.

Although most of Trump's followers seem to dismiss all polling and insist that we're headed for a big Trump victory in November, they never cite any reasons for such optimism. They simply dismiss polls as products of anti-Trump bias. But Trump is going to lose. This past weekend was probably his moment to roll out the damning evidence of some sort of criminal complicity on Hillary's part, but all we got was the usual gossip about her husband's scandals and talk about missing emails. Nothing like a smoking gun, an October surprise moment, something a grand jury couldn't ignore, rather than just intimations of shady dealings.

My point is not to say Hillary is a babe in the woods, but simply to note that Trump needed something more definite, more damning, than the usual conspiracy theories of the Hillary-haters. This may be hard to accept for some, but Americans are not going to choose a man that seems to them to be disturbed in mind for president because of a whitewashed hard drive. They're not. If the Republicans had nominated someone who was within hailing distance of virtue, that candidate might have presented a problem for Hillary. But the regurgitation of her husband's 90s scandals, coming from this tabloid candidate himself, is just going to leave everyone disgusted with the process that produced such choices.

And that's all he had last night. Oh, it was red meat for the "deplorables," and they'll say he really scored big, but it won't move the needle one whit in his direction. Sure, the polling in the coming days may prove me wrong, but I don't think so. People who were reluctant to vote for him yesterday are not going to be less reluctant today. It wasn't that kind of performance last night.

Does anyone even think it is possible for Donald Trump to actually string a series of rational thoughts together on any one subject? To speak about one issue as if it were a little more complex than, it's very very bad now, but I will make it very very great when I'm president. Because whatever one may imagine about Trump's great intelligence, and whatever he may claim about his own smarts, I know high-schoolers more capable of staying on topic for more than one and a half sentences than him. I posit to you that the remaining undecided voters, voters who don't like either candidate and may even be thinking of going third party or not voting at all, will not have been swayed to vote for Trump after watching last night's debate.

He's going down to defeat and I think it may be relatively big, with Trump garnering no more than 42 or 43%. The period of recriminations that will follow among Republicans will not be pretty.

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