Friday, December 30, 2016

3 or 4 things

  • Ringing out the old. A lot of people are emotionally touched (if not wrecked) by the die-off of celebrities in the past year. While it does seem to have been a bad year for the famous, none of these losses have grieved me all that much. I guess I'm a localist when it comes to grief. I save it for the the people I have known. (Either that or I'm a heartless S.O.B.!)
  • The Year in Review at Internet Monk. All kinds of goodness there.
  • 2 quotations. From Brian Zahnd: "The Kingdom of God is not the disembodied bliss of a Platonic heaven, but God’s alternative arrangement for human society." 
  • And in much the same vein from Internet Monk:
"But the Bible doesn’t say we’re leaving Kansas to go to some Oz out there where all is colorful and magical. The Bible says Oz is coming to Kansas, and it also says that it is not God’s intention to replace Kansas but to transform it into the best Kansas there could ever be. God will make his home among us, and then we will truly know what it means to be “home.” The end game is for all creation to be reconciled to God, that all things will be “gathered up” in him (Eph. 1:10). God’s plan is not to discard Kansas and replace it with Oz, but to reconcile Oz and Kansas and transform all creation in Christ."

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