Thursday, February 2, 2017

Song's of Place: Pacheco (and a couple more)

I've been listening to a lot of Kate Wolf this evening. I was only vaguely aware of a few of her songs during her lifetime (she died back in the 80s).She was a year younger than Joan Baez, a year older than Joni Mitchell. In other words, she came of age in the 60s folk revival, just like these her peers.

Many of her songs are songs of place: "Carolina Pines,","Across the Great Divide," "Pacheco," and "The Golden Rollin' Hills of California," among them.

Those last two are featured in the following video. Nobody wrote about the countryside of California better than Kate Wolf. Her music was grounded in the contours of the mountains, the smell of the woods and fields and the sound of birds.

And because I just can't get enough of her music this evening, let's listen to "Like a River" while we're at it, but this time covered by a string band called Front Country. 

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