Thursday, September 29, 2016

Notes on Reading (1)

Here's a book I'm going to have to read: God's Good World, by Jonathan R. Wilson.

I just finished reading Ian Frazier's Great Plains not long ago at a library book sale. Published in 1989. It's a fine piece of travel lit (I guess you'd call it). Some of the writing is quite beautiful.

When I started reading Westerns this summer I started keeping a list. First, I made a list of books and authors that I thought I would like to read. Then I started listing the books I've read. Now it's a little moment of joy each time I finish  book and add it to the list.

I've also been reading, slowly, Tim Keller's book, Shaped by the Gospel. The first part of the book defines "the gospel." It's a refreshingly refreshingly balanced take.

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