Monday, October 17, 2016

3 thoughts

  • We Americans seem to divide between those who really get into the whole electoral thing every four years, and those who really hate it and try to pay as little attention as possible. From this second group you often hear comments like, "I'll be glad when it;s over." In the early stages of the election that group is small, but by November it constitutes a majority. This year, especially so.
  • These prophetic types who saw visions of Trump as God's chosen one )Google Trump and prophecy if you must), what will they do when Trump loses this election? Will they say, "My prophecy was wrong? It was manifestly not a vision from God. I apologize." I doubt it.  
  • It's peak-Autumn. The colors this year are fabulous. This season always reminds me of the goodness of God, that he makes the dying of the leaves a wonder to behold. The leaves, the cool crisp air, and of course the cider make this my favorite season.