Sunday, September 10, 2017

4 things

  1. This is the sixth post in my attempt to write 20 posts in a row (thereby re-establishing the habit of frequent blogging, I hope). The last post elicited an interesting response from Dan Edelen on Facebook, which I'm grateful for.
  2. With Irma now battering southern Florida, I greatly appreciate this prayer from Scotty Smith.
  3. Back to mercy: I accept as a given that Jesus' call upon his followers is to be freaks of mercy: let mercy so mark your way that it is one of the lasting impressions you leave with anyone who meets you. I accept, in other words, that it is a radical call (by our lights, anyway). I accept that few of us have mined its depths. Least of all me. [see these recent posts on mercy]
  4. Christians in America have always assumed that the Christian "we" and the American "we" are the same "we." That's Stanley Hauerwas, who is wise. [Listen here].

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